Oh dabka!

I cannot even express how much I enjoy teaching my #dabka class online and I am very grateful for the fierce ladies who attend and share this wonderful online dancing experience with me. Back in Houston, the girls and I met once a week to train and rehearse choreographies (click here to see our classes in action).

We had two hours of back to back high knees, jumping, kickball changes that would have our hearts racing like hell. It’s really hard to stay cute when you’re dancing such a high energy dance like dabka! Ha ha ha. All jokes aside, I miss the authentic camaraderie we had even if we bickered a bit as we neared performance time. I mean c’mon, who doesn’t want to be perfect on stage?

(Want to see a snippet of our performance? Click here to check out #thewardette performance at Bar Boheme just TWO months ago. Big thanks to Laura Gordon Hurter, Ella Zhang, Leman Hendricks, and Melissa Paz for their hard work!)

To me, this is what makes the online dance classes so powerful: even during this coronavirus quarantine/lockdown, we’re able to stay together, figuratively hold hands, dance, jump around, and sweat like hell. It’s just like we’re back in the studio… except now we have a team of girls from all across the world! Thanks ladies!

It’s just like we’re back in the studio… except now we have a team of girls from all across the world!

I feel like this calls for a celebration which is like perfect timing because it’s damn near birthday! I don’t know a better way to celebrate my birthday than by dancing (sure… call me a loser, I don’t care). May starts in a week and I am going to teach what is one of my most absolute favorite styles of dance… dabka bellydance! Yaaaaaasss, we’re gonna stomp and hip drop our way through the month of May! Check out what I've taught before:

I’m inviting everyone to join our May dabka/bellydance series and celebrate my birthday month with me! Click here for more information on the series.

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