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7 ways I’m staying positive during the quarantine.

The quarantine has been difficult for everyone, some of us dancers don’t have our main source of income but despite that, I’m trying to be smart and stay positive. Check out a few ways I'm miraculously achieving this:

1. Entertainment: Believe it or not, I’m watching only happy shows on Netflix. Nothing sad ya’ll, I can’t risk it in these crazy times. Also, while I love listening to a huge variety of music, I've recently found this happy, fun, upbeat playlist on Spotify. I'm not one to really listen to pop music, but I like how cheerful the music is. Check out this playlist below:

2. Fitness: I’m forcing myself to workout so I don’t gain too much weight. I set goals for myself so that I feel like I'm working towards something. My current goal? I'm working on my lats, shoulders, and arms. I want to have strong arms, not flappy ones! Lol.

3. Cooking: I’m cooking and eating A LOT with my current roommates. It's a lot of fun and we share different recipes with each other. Also, I'm eating a plentiful amount of ice-cream and chocolate, but not too much where I make #2 on this list difficult! I’ve also developed this love for green tea and latte’s! Mmmmmmmmm!

Actual footage of me drinking tea.

4. Beauty: Speaking of dark and evil beauty, I’m making sure I have my eyebrows and mustache (girl, let’s be real) removed. I do my nails once a week, partly because the paint starts chipping and partly because I get extremely bored of seeing the same color on my hands. I’m not saying everything looks perfect, I’m just saying I’m trying and I'm trying for me.

I’m not saying everything looks perfect, I’m just saying I’m trying and I'm trying for me.

5. Work: I’m staying busy with mini tasks here and there; I’m creating videos, flyers, going through photos in old photoshoots, organizing, and updating my website. I’m lucky and thankful I have side work in my marketing career to keep me busy.

6. Dance: I take online classes several times a week to stay focused and connected with the dance community. I've also put my own dance classes online which allows me to make some side money and give back. It’s so wonderful, you can read more about this here.

7. And finally, I'm staying informed, staying safe, and having fun! Throw a party for yourself!

Pajama party anyone?

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