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My Journey,

Before I became a dancer, I was a musician for various bands growing up. I grew up in a family of musicians and singers so naturally, I began playing music at a young age. Arabic percussion got my attention and (surprisingly) I went to a dance class. It instantly became my obsession, and through the next years, this obsession became my full-time job and life.

I perform several times a week in Houston and surrounding areas at restaurants, bars/clubs, and private events. In addition, I love the opportunity to dance on stage at dance festivals! I have been lucky enough to travel and perform all over Texas, Kansas City, Miami and have even traveled to Guatemala, Turkey, Mexico, and Egypt!

Sandra nani - throne - bellydance .jpg
Sandra Nani - bellydance - houston bellydance2.png

My  life!

I have dedicated the past 12 years of my life to Oriental dance and folklore. I love what I do and love sharing the love I have for this dance with others.


In late 2021, I opened my own dance studio called Hips & Dips! Hips & Dips has dance classes 3xs a week with 3 different bellydance instructors. Click here to learn more about private coaching and bellydance classes at Hips & Dips. 

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